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Abhishek Rana
5 min readApr 3, 2022

Many people don’t really understand the nature of our guardian Angels. Every one of us as long as we are in our human form has one or more angels with us at all times. In many years of working with individuals to help them come into closer contact with their guardian Angels, I have experienced that they are present for each and every one of us. This message from them describes what they do, why they help us, and how we can receive their gifts to the fullest extent.

Angel Message

“We are given unto you as gifts of God, gifts of Creator. We are the expression of the Creator in a form that you may more easily access and experience. We are given unto you to help carry you onto God, to help carry you into the love of God, to help carry you into the expression of the love within you.

Above all, we are given unto you for the expression of your soul; the true, deep, and complete expression of your soul. We have been with you from before your birth, from before your conception, when you were a soul in the splendor of heaven. We were with you at the time that you chose what gifts you would share with others upon the earth.

Your soul in pure form is pure light, pure love, pure joy. The gifts that you have chosen to embody, carry, and bring into full fruition upon the earth, are those very gifts that bring you joy, wonder, and excitement. They bring you into a natural place of buoyancy, of the joy of sharing.

We amplify your ability to connect with the gifts that you carry within you. We work with you to open your willingness to experience your own gifts within, to see and know them as pure expressions of love, to hold them, both sacred and true, and pure, and yet to share them with no holding. With no reservation. With no concern about how they are accepted. We stress this last part, that you have no concern, that you have no expectation, that you have no demand upon those to whom you give your gifts.

We ask you to look upon the heavens above you, seeing the moon, the planets, the stars, the endless and infinite galaxies of stars; all of this creation revolves in order that the soul is expressed in pure and true form. All of this has been given upon you and to every soul in form.

Realize that whatever limitations of consciousness you currently carry, reality is infinite. God is infinite. Our abilities, the abilities of the Angels, are truly infinite. We withhold nothing from you. Creator withholds nothing from you in your role of true creation as a being of love, and of light, and of compassion, of caring and of devotion to what you have come upon the earth to express.

We are completely outside of your ideas of limitation of any kind. We are not limited by time, or space, or place or amount.

It is vital that you understand this. As you call upon us to assist you, there is no diminishing of our energy, of our ability, of our presence. There is no diminishing. We are given unto the people of the earth to serve, to assist, to guide, to arrange, to partner with. We have no other reason for existence. Please take this in and know that you are our full occupation. We do not have another “day job” or other responsibilities that you distract us from when you call upon us.

We wish you to know that Angels are in total service to you in your present condition and your present level of consciousness. In the exact moment of your life you find yourself in right now. We carry no judgments. We carry no criticisms. We carry not even expectations for you. We make no decisions about when to help you and when not to help you. We have no free will in this matter. That is not our role. We are not created in a configuration of choice or judgment. We are beyond any concept of judgment.

We express the will of Creator in a form and in a manner that you can easily connect with, that you can access for all that you need in the present moment. This remains true moment to moment throughout your lifetime. We never evaluate you are good or bad. We never give or withhold based upon any concept of good or bad. There is no withholding of any kind within our realm. All we do is give infinitely, completely, eternally to you. Please realize as deeply as you are able that the grace we carry to you, the gifts we carry to you, the love and the loving presence we carry to you is not dependent upon your behavior. It is not dependent upon your past. It is not dependent upon you doing anything in this moment, other than receiving it.

We shine upon you as the sun shines upon every plant, every tree, every shrub, withholding nothing. The sun does not judge this plant worthy and this plant unworthy and shine only upon one. We wish you to fully and completely realize that our love is infinite, our gifts are infinite, our presence is infinite and is given to you exactly as you are in this moment. There is nothing that you need do to receive this. There is nothing you need accomplish to receive this. There is no redemption you need to achieve to receive this. There is nothing you need do except to attain the consciousness of receiving.

And this, which we have just labeled attainment, is nothing more than merely letting go of all beliefs of limitation, lack, critical evaluation, and judgment. For, while we are not free will beings and are given completely unto you, you, however, are a free will being.

It is very important that you realize that your choices are fully honored. Your choices are completely respected. We do not and cannot force anything upon you. Even a blessing that is so important for you, so dear to your heart and so dear to your soul can only be received by you if you allow it.

We wish you to realize that for you to experience receiving our assistance and our help you must choose this for yourself, you must invoke this within yourself, you must milk your own willingness to receive. You must ask to receive. You must be willing to receive. And yet this is all you need do, nothing more than this.”



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