Our First Date

Abhishek Rana
1 min readMar 20, 2022

A Shakespearean Sonnet about a first date in Summer

You take me to Julia’s in the height of June

I’ve never had lemon zest in butter on bread

The Sun dips into the lake, evading the Moon

A solar break-up, I wonder what the Moon had said

We drink in the night like tart berry wine

And I’d never seen such a smile on your face

When you kissed me slowly as if you were mine

On the overlook where the Moon first started his chase

The lake, a black mirror music box

The sky, an embroidered blanket of stars

Our bodies pressed like lovers’ lips upon the rocks

As the Moon wishes he had what’s ours

You say I’m your Sun as we lay in the park

But I can’t help but disagree-

I’d never leave you when times gets dark

So the Sun I could never be



Abhishek Rana

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